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Here's some of the Comments from the Easy Gut field test trial by deer hunters from the North American Hunting Club.


Rodney J - 17266*** - It makes skinning a deer alot easier and less messy. It is very strong, so will last a very long time. At a price of $9.95  is a very great price, great for a gift and if it ever breaks( which I dought) great price to replace it. Makes your job of skinning not so messy so less clean up for you. Thanks for a great product!!


Bobby J - 16836*** - This is a wonderful product to allow the hunter to avoid the risk of contaminating the meat with the entrails of the carcass.


Glenn P - 40388*** - For years I have used the Wyoming knife to start my field dressing of game animals. As the accompaning documentation states, The WK does clog with hair as you move down the cut. But now I can use my drop point knife for the opening incision and then just slip the g-tool ino the cavity and still use my drop point for the full cut without making cotact with internal organs. Plus, you can use a reciprocating action to keep you knife clear of hair clogs without worrying about hitting internal organs.


 Just press play and

see how it works!



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