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The Easy Gut Tool allows hunters to open any big game animal without fear of injury or cutting anything that may contaminate the meat.  Ease comes from the fact that the tool holds your game while cutting making the job much easier on your back.

The Easy Gut Kit includes a 440 stainless high quality fold lock knife with a 3 1/2 in blade, the Trach Cutter and a washable ballistic nylon sheath built to withstand a lifetime of washings.

The Easy Gut Combo includes a quality 440 stainless knife with a 3 1/2 in blade that stays sharp over multiple dressings and a ballistic nylon sheath.  The sheath is constructed over plastic to withstand a lifetime of washings.

The Trachea Cutter is a muli-purpose tool designed to aid in all cutting once the animal is open. Any hunter that has ever reached up into the chest cavity with a knife will instantly see the value in this versitile tool.  The T-tool follows the chest cavity around for removing the diaphragm and cuts everything else without fear of meat contamination.  The T-tool uses easily replaced heavy duty utility blades.

We pay all taxes
There is a $10 International Customs fee for shipping to our Canadian neighbors!

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